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Article A COMBINED EXTERIOR PENALTY FUNCTION – CONJUGATE GRADIENT ALGORITHM ... Abstract: In this paper, combined exterior penalty function-conjugate gradient algorithm for a constrained optimal control problem for the coefficients of a quasilinear equation is applied. The const 
Article AN APPROACH TO MULTIFACETED BUSINESS PROCESS MODELING WITH MODEL TRANSFORMATION Abstract: The approach to models generation automation and implementation of multifaceted business process modeling on the basis of graphical model transformation is described. To create graphical m 
Article MODELING AND ANALYSIS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC MODES OF ELECTRIC POWER DEVICES Abstract: Generalized mathematical model of the electromagnetic modes of devices with interleaved core of an arbitrary design with placed windings is created. Algorithm and software implementation of 
Article ON COMBINATION OF DEDUCTION AND ANALYTICAL TRANSFORMATIONS ... Abstract: We investigate a possible way for solving the problem of combination of logical inference search methods and symbolic computation tools in e-learning testing on the basis of the approaches 
Article Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Recognition System Using Fussy ... Abstract: The paper is devoted to the development of the new online handwritten mathematical expressions recognition system. The paper presents the recognition method to the handwritten symbols using 
Article ОНЛАЙН РАСПОЗНАВАНИЕ РУКОПИСНЫХ МАТЕМАТИЧ� Аннотация: рассматривается разработанный алгоритм структурного анализа для онлайн распознавания рукописны 

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