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Category I.2.8 Problem Solving, Control Methods, and Search

Backtracking Control theory Dynamic programming Graph and tree search strategies Heuristic methods Plan execution, formation, and generation Scheduling
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Article ADAPTIVE CLUSTERING OF INCOMPLETE DATA USING NEURO-FUZZY KOHONEN NETWORK Abstract: The clustering problem for multivariate observations often encountered in many applications connected with Data Mining and Exploratory Data Analysis. Conventional approach to solving these p 
Article ADAPTIVE FUZZY PROBABILISTIC CLUSTERING OF INCOMPLETE DATA Abstract: in the paper new recurrent adaptive algorithm for fuzzy clustering of data with missing values is proposed. This algorithm is based on fuzzy probabilistic clustering procedures and self-lea 
Article COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY FOR SIGN LANGUAGE MODELLING Abstract: The work suggests a complex informational technology for sign language modeling (for Ukrainian sign language implementation). The technology and corresponding mathematical model for formali 
Article CONSTRUCTION OF A REALISTIC MOVEMENT ON THE 3D HUMAN MODEL FOR STUDYING AND ... Abstract: Complex information technology for communications gesture and mimicry modeling and visualization is created. Keywords: modeling, sign language, computer system, visual-speech synthesis a 
Article Criteria investigations in ant colony optimization algorithm for travelling ... Abstract: New ant colony optimization algorithm has been investigated. Optimal search tactic and ant decision making criterion have been found. Keywords: Ant colony optimization algorithm, travell 
Article CRITERIA INVESTIGATIONS IN ANT COLONY OPTIMIZATION ALGORITHM FOR TRAVELLING SALE Abstract: New ant colony optimization algorithm has been investigated. Optimal search tactic and ant decision making criterion have been found. Keywords: Ant colony optimization algorithm, travell 
Article DECOMPOSITION METHODS FOR LARGE-SCALE TSP Abstract: Decomposition methods for solving large-scale Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) are presented. Three approaches are proposed: macromodeling for clustered TSP as well as extending and “rin 
Article DEVELOPMENT AND ANALYSIS OF GENETIC ALGORITHM FOR TIME SERIES FORECASTING ... Abstract: This paper presents developed genetic-based algorithm for time series forecasting problem and describes approaches to learning procedures design. Different techniques of population represe 
Article INFORMATIONAL-PARAMETRIC MODEL OF SIGN LANGUAGE FINGERSPELLING UNITS Résumé: An approach for researching fingers' movement with an aim to create a formal notion of sign language fingerspelling units (dactyls) is considered. Then an informational parametric model of a 
Article LIMIT BEHAVIOUR OF DYNAMIC RULE-BASED SYSTEMS Abstract: The paper suggests a classification of dynamic rule-based systems. For each class of systems, limit behavior is studied. Systems with stabilizing limit states or stabilizing limit trajectori 
Article LOGICAL MODELS OF COMPOSITE DYNAMIC OBJECTS CONTROL Abstract: The questions of designing multicriteria control systems on the basis of logic models of composite dynamic objects are considered. Keywords: control, logical model, composite dynamic obj 
Article NEURAL NETWORK BASED OPTIMAL CONTROL WITH CONSTRAINTS Abstract: In the present paper the problems of the optimal control of systems when constraints are imposed on the control is considered. The optimality conditions are given in the form of Pontryagin� 
Article SELF-ORGANIZING ROUTING ALGORITHM FOR WIRELESS SENSORS NETWORKS (WSN) USING ... Abstract: This paper describes the basic tools to work with wireless sensors. TinyOShas a component-based architecture which enables rapid innovation and implementation while minimizing code size as r 
Article THE EFFECT OF INTRODUCTION OF THE NON-LINEAR CALIBRATION FUNCTION AT THE ... Abstract: The paper presents the experiment on the time series whose elements are month values of BIS effective exchange rate of USD from January 1994 till March 2010. A tendency of BIS (Bank of Inter 
Article TWO-LEVEL GENETIC ALGORITHM FOR PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES RECONFIGURATION Abstract: The article considers the problem of programmable logic device reconfiguration after a failure of logic elements. The task is relevant to areas such as space exploration and important indus 
Article АЛГОРИТМ ПОСТРОЕНИЯ ВЫПУКЛОГО ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЯ Аннотация: Предлагается алгоритм сведения полиномиальной задачи на полиперестановках к оптимизации выпукл� 
Article ПРОГНОЗИРОВАНИЕ ДИНАМИКИ ПОПОЛНЕНИЯ ФОНДО� Abstract: Development of rational strategies of supplementing reserves in a system of oil funds is an actual problem. A model that may assist to oil experts elaborate such strategy for system of oil f 

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