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Article AN APPROACH TO MULTIFACETED BUSINESS PROCESS MODELING WITH MODEL TRANSFORMATION Abstract: The approach to models generation automation and implementation of multifaceted business process modeling on the basis of graphical model transformation is described. To create graphical m 
Article Chronological Distribution of the Information from the Ottoman Archives Abstract: . Together with the results from research articles of Kiiliq the considerations given in the paper give rise to the hypothesis that the "information anomaly", noticed M. Kiili is likely a c 
Article Chronological Distribution of the Manuscripts of the Exhibition “The Brilliance Abstract: The objects of the study, presented in this paper, are the manuscripts of the exhibition "The Brilliance of Byzantium", or “Greek Illuminated Manuscripts from the Balkans VI–XVIII C.” 
Article CHRONOLOGICAL MODELLING OF THE WEST – EUROPEAN INFORMATION ABOUT THE MEDIEVAL... Abstract: We present results of a study of the information about the medieval maps and travellers’ geographic descriptions of Turkey. It is based on Ian Manners’ monograph “European Cartographe 
Article LANGUAGE IDENTIFICATION AND DATING OF THE GREAT PRESLAV INSCRIPTION BASED ... Abstract: The Great inscription from Preslav has been cut into the granite column, which has been found during excavations in the city of Preslav. It is considered that it contains words of military 
Article MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF RE-STRUCTURING COMPLEX TECHNICAL ... Abstract: Research and development of mathematical model of optimum distribution of resources (basically financial) for maintenance of the new (raised) quality (reliability) of complex system concern 
Article MODEL OF THE MONEY CIRCULATION IN THE BULGARIAN LANDS DURING THE ANTIQUITY AND T Abstract: This article presents a model of the money circulation in Bulgaria, based on the data about coins, excavated in Bulgaria and published in the Proceedings of the (Bulgarian) Archaeological S 
Article PROGNOSTICATION OF EFFICIENCY OF MEDICAL AND PROPHYLACTIC MEASURES AT ... Abstract: This article is devoted to the questions of prognostication of efficiency medical and prophylactic measures at renewal of the broken equilibrium of human organism by vegetable medications.  
Article USING ORG-MASTER FOR KNOWLEDGE BASED ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Abstract: Enterprises in growing markets with transitional economy nowadays encounter extreme necessity to change their structures and improve business processes. In order to support knowledge proces 
Article VIABLE MODEL OF THE ENTERPRISE – A CYBERNETIC APPROACH ... Abstract: The purpose of the current paper is to present the developed methodology of viable model based enterprise management, which is needed for modern enterprises to survive and growth in the inf 

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