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Category I.6.4 Model Validation and Analysis

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Article AN APPROACH TO BUSINESS PROCESSES REENGINEERING BASED ON INTEGRATION OF ... Abstract: An approach to reengineering business processes through the integration of the domain specific modeling platform and Process Mining tools is described. An analysis of the existing approach 
Article AN APPROACH TO MULTIFACETED BUSINESS PROCESS MODELING WITH MODEL TRANSFORMATION Abstract: The approach to models generation automation and implementation of multifaceted business process modeling on the basis of graphical model transformation is described. To create graphical m 
Article BIVIRTUAL ORGANIZATION AS A QUEUING SYSTEM Abstract: The main features of virtual organizations are outlined. The mathematical models of functioning of virtual organization are offered on the basis of theory of queuing systems. Characteristic 
Article CITATION-PAPER RANK DISTRIBUTIONS AND ASSOCIATED SCIENTOMETRIC INDICATORS ... Abstract: This paper is devoted to studying the interrelations between most widely used scientometric indicators (in particular, Hirsch’s h-, Egghe’s g- and Zhang’s e- indexes) for several more 
Article SELF-CITATIONS EFFECT ON SCIENTOMETRIC INDEXES Abstract: Scientometric studies on self-citations reveal variety of aspects, like attempted fraud approaching a crime, a self-advertising tool, a standard scientific publication practice that saves s 
Article SHAPING THE CITATION-PAPER RANK DISTRIBUTIONS: BEYOND HIRSCH’S MODEL Abstract: It is well known that the h-index has been originally introduced by analyzing a simple deterministic model of individual’s scientific activity. The basic features of Hirsch’s model are  
Article THEORETICAL ANALYSIS OF EMPIRICAL RELATIONSHIPS FOR PARETODISTRIBUTED... Abstract: In this paper we study some problems involved in analysis of Pareto-distributed scientometric data (series of citations versus paper ranks). The problems include appropriate choices of i) t 
Article АСПЕКТЫ НЕКЛАССИЧЕСКОЙ ТЕОРИИ НОМИНАЦИИ И Аннотация: В сообщении рассматривается ряд аспектов именования, которые не вкладываются в рамки классическо 

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